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Are you looking for an HR and Recruitment team that supports you to make the most of your most valuable business asset – your people?

Making HR & Recruitment Simple

Our tailored HR Solutions and Recruitment Services give you easy-to-use processes and systems that address the strategic needs of your business.

At Hanson Lawrie, we enable business owners and leaders, just like you, to recruit and harness talent, retain employees, and manage teams effectively and fairly.

Recruiting the best talent can feel overwhelming. Then once you’ve hired the best talent, sometimes businesses manage them poorly, leading to high turnover. We understand that your strength isn’t recruitment or human resources.

We provide HR solutions and Recruitment Services that deliver for employers and their new employees. Whatever industry you operate in, our services give you all the advantages of an in-house HR team without the overheads.

Our goal is to bring together talented people with ambitious and supportive companies. We look to remove the barriers to success, streamlining the recruitment process whilst enhancing the onboarding experience for both the employee and employer. Hanson Lawrie is more than just a recruitment agency. We’re human resources specialists who put people at the heart of everything we do.

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