THRIVE not just SURVIVE in this new business world

THRIVE not just SURVIVE in this new business world

Business leaders in every industry are currently operating in unprecedented times with most businesses currently operating in “React” mode – coming to terms with the situation and deciding how to deal with day to day issues and trying to keep pace with the ever-changing situation.

Most of us have got Covid -19 fatigue, the news seems to be on endless loop with no new tangible details and the barrage of daily “Covid -19” emails have started to dwindle, but whatever happens next, we know this crisis will eventually end and a new normal will be established.  So, ask yourself “How can we as a Company not only return to business as usual, but actually emerge stronger on the other side?”

Where there is crisis there are opportunities and as a Business Leader you need to look to the future NOW to ensure you emerge stronger.

HansonLawrie has continued to work with Business Leaders globally throughout this epidemic dealing with daily HR issues, furloughing staff, making redundancies, supporting the wellbeing of employees working remotely and ensuring safety for those still working whilst social distancing.

HansonLawrie have also been working proactively with businesses in all industries readying them for life after lockdown; recruiting key people to ensure our clients are ready to rebound, evolving work place practices to support returning to work, implementing new policies and processes to ensure those who continue to work from home can do so productively whilst helping clients continue to develop engaged cultures and workforces.

And so, we wanted to share some of our insights that can help you and your business THRIVE not just SURVIVE in this new business world.

Remote Workers

“45% of professionals interviewed by LinkedIn anticipated that working from home would be the new norm”

As many Companies have now shifted to working remotely consider how this could impact your business and workforce positively – reducing office overheads from the amount of sundry expenses required to keep your staff stocked up on tea and coffee to increasing productively, reducing commute times and potentially giving employees more flexibility.

When someone is working from home, permanently or temporarily, as an employer you should consider:

  • How will you keep in touch with them?
  • What work activity will they be doing (and for how long)?
  • Can it be done safely?
  • Do you need to put control measures in place to protect them?
  • Have you got a Home Working Policy in place? 

You still have a duty of care to Home Workers including health and safety. For those staff who are working at home on a long-term basis, the risks associated with using display screen equipment (DSE), such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, must be controlled. This includes doing home workstation assessments. For more information follow link. https://www.hse.gov.uk/msd/dse/index.htm.

For more support on Home Working Policy and Procedure call one of our team on 01926 357209.

Improving current teamwork, culture and strengthening existing teams.

Whether your Teams are at home or still working in the business whilst maintaining social distancing measures you can still create positive energy amongst employees, A quick effective way of doing this has been developed by one of our trusted partners and is yours to use right now entirely cost and commitment free.

This “Working From Home and Winning” survey is designed to help owners and leaders quickly understand how their teams are adjusting to working remotely, and what proactive changes need to be made to help employees stay connected and productive. 

It’s available right now and will take you just minutes to launch. CLICK HERE to get started. In addition to using the survey yourself, we invite you to share with others in your network who could benefit - Here’s the link to share. 

Evaluate your workforce

Team composition, roles and responsibilities may have had to change to deal with the current situation.  You need to consider if these changes are only temporary or should they be a permanent fixture. 

Have furloughed staff’s responsibilities been absorbed by other team members and if so, can those currently undertaking these additional duties do so productivity without loss of quality or service levels being affected on a permanent ongoing basis?  If so levels of accountability may need to be changed officially, as may contracts of employment, job specifications and these communicated in line with legislation with the individual and wider teams.  

There may also be a need to define competencies needed to future proof the business an example of this may be moving away from face to face sales, with a view to building new inbound business through recruiting skilled marketing candidates verses traditional salespeople.

Our team of experienced Recruiters have seen massive increases of candidates applying for low to mid-level and senior qualified roles and previously stably employed “Highly Skilled Candidates” now open to opportunities at competitive compensation levels. This is the time to review your talent and what you will need in place to be ahead of the curve after lockdown.

Identify risks and disruptions for the future

With the risk of a second wave – you should consider how your business can flex to accommodate the flux. 

  • Analyse and decide upon ramp down, ramp up scenarios and the risks involved. Will you need contractors and temporary staff if you have decreased staffing levels due to sickness or care issues
  • Have you got a carers policy in place for dealing with ongoing disruption to schooling or the need to care for loved ones.
  • Prioritises the most critical processes for the business as a whole can you still perform this safely and with decreased staffing levels and what do you need to put in place for you to be able to do this.
  • Look to ensure that you have a robust Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plan in place for all eventualities.
  • Remember that not only the Health & Safety of your employees is important but also their wellbeing is paramount for an engaged long-term working relationship.

As a business, we are working with our clients to ensure their future is secure and successful.

If you would like any additional information or would like to discuss ways in which you can utilise any of the above or need support with any future or current HR or Recruitment needs, then we are here to help.   Call us on 01926 357209.

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