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HR Policies and Procedures

Hanson Lawrie can ensure your policies and procedures are right for your business.

At the heart of an efficient and successful human resources operation are effective workplace policies and procedures. They provide guidance on a wide range of employment issues for employees and managers, ensuring transparency and consistency throughout your organisation.

Whether you run a small local business, a global company, or a start-up, sound, well-thought-out policies and procedures can help guide your recruitment, and build employee and, in turn, customer loyalty. They will also help you increase the productivity and performance of your existing staff. As a leading UK HR consultancy we have the experience to deliver a professional HR service no matter the industry.

We can review current policies to ensure compliance and relevance as well as develop and create any new policies that are necessary.

Hanson Lawrie will align your Employee Handbook with these policies and procedures and provide the help and training needed to implement them, so they become part of your company culture and everyday life.

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