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We offer a comprehensive range of services that include Permanent, Temporary, and Contract recruitment along with headhunting services.

Talent Acquisition Strategy, Succession, and Resource Planning

Understanding, promoting, and delivering the skills and qualities you need for success.

At Hanson Lawrie, we offer a tailored set of recruitment support services to help you plan and grow the framework you need to succeed. By promoting skills and developing the right qualities for success, you can transform your company’s operational performance. We focus on front-line skills such as management, customer services, project planning, and presentation skills.

We can create ‘Development Action Plans’ to assess your current position and develop and implement Talent Management and Succession Plan strategies.

We can create and develop a ‘Competency Model and Framework’ for you to use as well as map ‘Gap Analysis’ in skills and competencies to ensure development is targeted to the right place.

We can develop a ‘People Strategy’ for you, to include:

  • Recruitment retention policies and practices, including remuneration
  • Training and development
  • Skills and competency mapping
  • Performance management systems
  • Linking with partners to deliver the necessary training and career development programmes
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